Wonderroad International

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Who We Are

Wonderroad International was founded in 2018 by retail and tax-free specialists to redefine shopping for Asian travelers, especially from China. The team behind Wonderroad International offers more than 50 years of experience and expertise in the industry, which we make available to our partners and clients as customized solutions.

What We Can Do

We are specialists in retail business, with a focus on strategies for the Asian-Chinese clientele. Asian “power shoppers” account for 40% or more of daily turnover in Europe, depending on the sector.

If you should not be yet at this point, we will help you

  • Establish direct contact with your Asian customers
  • Understand Asian customers
  • Make your business attractive to Asian buyers
  • Increase your online and offline revenue

Our Solution

Benefits for Tourists

  • Simplified purchase process, reduced cost of time and communication, guaranteed pick up at a certain time
  • Aggregated reservation platform for all luxury goods
  • Actual Partner Brands: Cartier, Montblanc, BVLGARI, TOD’S, FREYWILLE
  • Double return of made deposit on every order, thus the tourist receives 1% cash back via WeChat Pay

Change the template for new businesses

Create a new Mini Program (MP) for new purposes:

  • Factory Outlets & Department Stores (with e.g. interactive maps, coupons, reward program)
  • Hotels & Vacation (with e.g. recommendation system, coupons, reward program) •
  • Small Retailer & Experiences (with e.g. picture upload, discounts, recommendation system) •many more

Thereby the Wonderroad platform can constantly offer new services