Our Team

Gang Wang

Asian Marketing strategies and Public Relations
  • Founder and CEO of EastSong Consulting
  • EastSong Consulting focused on retailer commission and coupon business model since 2004 and is market leader in Europe
  • He has more then 30 years experience in the travel industry and has established an excellent reputation among key players in his field of business
  • Today EastSong has more than 1500 partners in the luxury industry, covering 14 European countries as well as the United States
Chengyuan Zhai

Business Operations and Finance
  • Founder and CEO of the fintech company Safety Tax Free (STF)
  • STF uses European tax refund service as entry point, has expanded to the mobile payment industry, with the aim of creating a oversea tax-free shopping ecosystem
Alexander Hirsemann-Heine
Co-Founder & CEO

Business Operations and Marketing Strategy
  • Former Brand Strategist and Head of Customer Relations at EastSong Consulting
  • Expert in media planning, long-term experience in brand consulting and professional expertise on luxury platform-based retailers, supply chain partners and consumers
  • He has gained a deep understanding of market behavior through 10 years in market research business and working for a German luxury retailer
Wenbo Huang
Co-Founder & CEO China Branch

Business Operations China, Product Strategy and Development
  • Co-founder of Safety Tax Free, working as full stack developer and product manager
  • Responsible for customer-focused product development
  • Worked as senior software engineer in the fintech company Dianrong, where he was in charge of  a digital product with 3 million users („Dianrong Investment“)